Summer Classes & Workshops


2567 Lougheed Hwy, BC 

V3B 1B4

by Laury Ravenstein

ALL the supplies needed for these workshops are included with your fees. 


Thurs. June 7 (7-9pm) Introduction to Oils $25

Get started in oils with a simple working method that includes colour mixing, palette knife use and learn how to design with an underpainting. 


Thurs. June 14 (7-9pm) Pouring Acrylics  $30

Learn about different pouring techniques. Watch the demo and then experiment and create your own artwork.


Thurs. June 21 (7-9pm) Acrylic Textures  $30

Understand the different types of mediums and explore techniques for creating interesting texture. Use multiple mediums plus heavy body and fluid acrylic paints. 


Thurs. June 28 (7-9pm) Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper    $30

Create multiple small paintings while experimenting with this amazing fluid medium.


Thurs. July 5 (7-9pm) Mixed Media Project    $30

Take the mixed media as far as you can go using multiple tools, markers, stencils and more!


Thurs. July 12 (7-9pm) Abstract Textures Project    $30

Learn how to use abstract techniques by designing a project with structural textures and colour


Thurs. July 19 (7-9pm) Pouring Acrylic Tree Project    $30

Use a variety of liquid acrylic mediums to create a beautiful abstract tree painting. 


Call to register 604-552-3729 Pay using a credit card

instagram: @coloursartportcoquitlam

Please pre-register at 604-552-3729


*Private parties and lessons are available.  Starting at $100 for 3 hours.

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