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Colours Artist Acrylic is a high-quality artist paint at a surprisingly reasonable price. This line is aimed at the budget conscious artist who can’t spend top dollar for their paint but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality.

Colours Artist Acrylic is made completely with artist quality materials, including lightfast pigments and a 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion. The reason Colours Artist Acrylic has such an attractive price is because of a reduced pigment loading as compared with a traditional artist paint. This is not the same as a student acrylic paint, where the low price is due not only to a dramatic reduction in pigment, but also the use of extender pigments (fillers) and low-cost polymers.

Colours Artist Acrylic brushes on smoothly, has a thick buttery feel, and gives the painter the ability to create high peaks and bold impasto. What this means for the artist is that they have a paint that has the consistency and permanence of a high-end artist paint, without the high-end price tag.

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