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Paasche TG-3F Double-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set

The Paasche TG-3F Airbrush features a chrome-plated body and anodized aluminum handle for durability. Included with the airbrush are all three available spray heads, which allow the TG to be used for a wide range of airbrushing applications. Also included is Paasche's special fan aircap. The TG is Paasche's finest detail airbrush, allowing the user to achieve hair-line detail and, using the fan aircap, wider patterns up to 3 inches. A PTFE packing allows the TG to handle any water- or solvent-based paint.

Clean up is as simple as spraying your paint cleaner though the airbrush and wiping of the needle.  The TG is best used for those requiring high-end detail. Applications including automotive graphics, models, taxidermy, cake decorating, tattoos, finger nails, graphic arts, illustration, etc.

The Paasche Talon TG-3F Airbrush Set includes the following:
•  TG#2 double action airbrush (0.38mm)
•  0.4 oz cup
•  Size 1 & 3 spray heads (0.25mm, 0.66mm)
•  Fan aircap
•  Hanger
•  (2) Wrenches
•  6' braided hose
•  Lessons booklet and manual

Made in the USA.

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