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The ProFolio Anywhere Journal by ITOYA ProFolio is designed for discerning journal and notebook users. The cover is soft and feels good to the touch. The paper inside is silky smooth and perfect for sketches, note taking, fountain pens, and everyday life. The side edges of the journal are sanded by hand to provide a smooth feeling, unlike any other journal. The Anywhere Journal lies flat when opened up, unlike many other journals available today. It goes even farther and can be opened up to 360 degrees so you can hold it in one hand like an open magazine while you write and draw with your other hand. The Anywhere Journal was designed for journal users who want something better, something unique, and enjoyable to use. Available in three popular sizes and only with a beautiful custom blue outer cover. 70 sheets of thick 100 gsm paper provide 140 pages of writing. Blank paper allows for many different uses. The perfect journal to take anywhere.

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